The Strategic Discussion Club meetings will be held one time per two months (6 meetings per year). Each meeting will be dedicated to one specific and topical issue with regard to the national security and foreign policy agenda, which has a strategic importance for the country’s development.

The schedule of the meetings will be indicated and approved by the SDC’s Honorary Council, in which the leading security stake-holders from Ukraine as well as from Allied states will take part. The members of the Honorary Council will be elected by the participants of the inaugural meeting of the Strategic Discussion Club.

In each SDC’s meeting 3-5 keynote speakers and 40-50 participants (experts, diplomats, and journalists) will take part.

The keynote speakers will be chosen depending on the subject of the discussion from the list of the Ukrainian and foreign experts on security issues, current and former government officials, military servants from Ukraine and NATO-member countries.

The audience of the SDC’s meetings will comprise of government representatives, deputies, experts on foreign and security policy matters, media, representatives of local Allied Embassies, and resident Allied Advisers.

On the results of each meeting a policy brief in Ukrainian and English language containing the recommendations for the Ukrainian government will be issued by the Institute of World Policy and distributed among the governmental and civil society leaders.

At the end of the year of the project’s implementation (after the 6th Strategic Discussion Club meeting) the final policy paper will be published, in which the strategic development directions for the Ukrainian foreign and security for the long- and middle-term perspective will be set out. The presentation of the results of the project will be held at the Institute of World Policy.

The expected products of the project will be:

  • a series of policy papers on the results of monthly Strategic Discussion Club’s meetings (5 issues);
  • a publication on Ukraine’s strategic development directions;
  • an official Strategic Discussion Club web-page with regularly updated content.

The expected impact of the project is will be:

  • the recommendations of the Strategic Discussion Club will be taken into account by the Ukrainian government in the decision-making process on the most important issues for the Ukrainian national security.
  • creation of the continuous communication platform, where the most up-to-date and most important national security issues for Ukraine’s national security, ideas and recommendations of which will be referred to by expert community and civil society.
  • the continuous media support of topics with regard to national security of Ukraine be keeping them in the view of informational sphere.